#SurreyFoodBank and #Zinetti Foods on Twitter

#SurreyFoodBank and #ZinettiFoods on Twitter

This is our favorite ReTweet on Twitter! We’re so proud to have donated to the Surrey Food Bank recently. It’s even a sweeter story when we see and hear how excited they were to receive our donation. It makes us feel good to give back to our community.

Favorite ReTweet from Surrey Food Bank



A Cause to Celebrate: Zinetti Food Products Gives Back to Surrey Community

A Cause to Celebrate:  Zinetti Food Products Gives Back to Surrey Community


Surrey, BC – June 18th, 2014

June 18, 2014. Zinetti Foods a long established company in Surrey gave back to the community with a donation of 6,000 lbs. of lasagna and other frozen entrées to the local Surrey Food Bank.

Zinetti Foods Giving Back to the Community - Surrey Food Bank

Zinetti Foods Giving Back to the Community

The donation of 6 pallets, is the equivalent of 838 trays of pasta and is valued at $7717.00.  This delivery will provide the food bank with approximately 8000 nutritious servings.

“We are thrilled to be able to make this donation,” stated Natalie Zinetti as she presented the Surrey Food Bank with the delivery.

Natalie, it was my pleasure and an honour to meet such a compassion and wonderful person like you.

It’s with the thoughtfulness of unique people like you that truly make a difference not only in the lives of those struggling on low income, but in the whole community. You are a very special person and I sincerely appreciate your fabulous donation and generosity. 

Kuldip K. Ardawa, Community Partnership Coordinator

Natalie Zinetti chose the Surrey Food Bank as the charity to receive this donation because they feed about 14,000 people per month. “They make an incredible contribution to our community. We’re happy just doing our part in giving back” she said.

Surrey Food Bank Receives Zinetti Foods Donation

Surrey Food Bank Receives Zinetti Foods Donation

The Surrey Food Bank Society has been operating for 26 years and currently distributes approximately 2,000 food hampers each week. It has expanded support to other internal programs, agencies and is affiliated with many different food security programs, such as Harvest Box and the Food Action Coalition.  “We like to say we give people a “hand up, not a hand out”.”

Media Contact:

Natalie Zinetti
Zinetti Food Product, Ltd. | (604) 574-2028 |

About Zinetti Foods

Quality, pride and consistency make Zinetti Food Products a leader in the field of prepared pasta dishes. Founded in 1985, Zinetti Food Products is a Canadian manufacturer of frozen gourmet pasta and entree’s, located in Surrey, British Columbia.  Their products are available at Costco Food Warehouses across Canada. 

Zinetti Foods to offer demonstrations at Costco in Western Canada

In Store Tastings

Zinetti Food products are featured in ‘My Costco 2014 Catalogue’. Check it out!

We also have three food demonstrations coming up at Costco in Western Canada locations including: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

  • Wednesday, February 26
  • Thursday, March 6
  • Saturday, March 15

We’ll be featuring our Zinetti Foods Italian Sausage Lasagna.

These upcoming food demonstrations will give you an opportunity to try our new improved recipe for our Italian Sausage Lasagna. We look forward to hearing your feedback, too!

You’ll enjoy the same great taste with lower sodium and fat. It’s made with chunks of spicy Italian sausage, in a savoury tomato sauce, hand layered fresh pasta and ricotta cheese. Topped with Mozzarella, parmesan and Romano cheeses.

Made with Canadian milk and wheat. Made with real ingredients, no added preservatives
High in protein and fibre, plus, you’ll get a good source of calcium and iron.

We make our pasta fresh and cook it al dente for a perfect bite. Our products are just like homemade – we use the same ingredients a home cook or restaurant chef would use.
We save you time and money since you couldn’t make this dish yourself for the same price.

We hope you enjoy our newly updated dish.

Mangia! Mangia!

Our Favorite Wine & Entrée Pairings

Wine Pairings
Pairing the right type of wine with the right Zinetti lasagna is a great way to have a flavorful, enjoyable lunch or dinner with family and friends. We have some recommendations for some fantastic pairings that we’ve enjoyed over the years with our Zinetti family recipes.

For our full-flavored Meat Lasagna recipe, a great type of wine to complement it is a cabernet. Also referred to as cabernet sauvignon, this variety is often mixed with other grapes like shiraz and merlot. Some of the finest wines in California, Chile, France and Australia are using cabernet as their basic grape. Often served with red meat, this type of red wine tends to develop the rich currant, tomato and roasted pepper flavors as it ages. This allows you to pair it well with our Meat Lasagna without overpowering the dish.

Several types of wine go great with our Vegetarian Lasagna. One of our favorite pairings is a roussillon red. To bring out the flavors of the spinach and mushrooms in the lasagna, a dry Italian white wine would also pair well. A richer white, like the oak-aged chardonnay or viognier would be best if you prefer a more robust flavor pairing.

Lasagna and wine looks fantastic when they are presented on the table together. So when deciding to prepare lasagna, whether for yourself or for friends, make sure to choose the right type of wine for the right flavor of Zinetti lasagna. This will surely impress your guests and will make them enjoy the pairing even more.