At Zinetti, we’re always interested in what our customers are saying in order to help us make better, tastier products. Below are real consumer reviews, demonstration feedback and unsolicited letters of customer “taste-amonials”.


Beef Lasagna
March 4, 2013
Hi there. I am writing to let you know that your Beef Lasagna is fantastic! As it is your family recipe, I am certain you already know this but allow me to give you a second opinion!

The quality of the ingredients is great, all the component parts are there and in the right quantity. The ricotta cheese layer is delitghtful. I was surprised as it is the first frozen lasagna that I have ever bought that cooked into a layered, creamy, beefy delight. AND the noodles did not turn into planks! Wow!

I have no Italian blood (more’s the pity) – all my forebears are from Britain and my husband is from India. I can, however, make a good lasagna but it is nowhere near as delightful as yours.

Now that we know how really good your food is, we will be purchasing it again and again (and not just the lasagna).

Thanks for sharing your Grandmother’s recipes with us.

– Anne Ahmad (Calgary)


Meat Lasagna, 330g – Costco Tasting Demo
Feb 17
• “I love the individual portion size, great for a single meal”
• “Great flavor, lots of cheese and filling, good texture”
• “Lots of sauce, very cheesy, great for a snack or meal”
• “Easy to make”
• “Love all the Zinetti products”
• “Tastes like homemade”
• “Good price, like the taste, like the flavor”
• “Extremely delicious, everyone loved it”
• “Great to see this lasagna is smaller trays”
• “Nice for quick meals, still the same delicious flavor”
• “Taste so good, love the size”
• “Good product, great price”
• “Good ingredients”
• “Like the small portions, tons of meat”


Italian Sausage Lasagna – Costco Tasting Demo
January 14, 2013
• “Good spice combination”
• “Fast and easy”
• “Excellent price”
• “Delicious!”
• “Loads of cheese and meat”
• “Good family size”
• “The best ready made lasagna”
• “Good protein”
• “Perfect size for a family of 4”
• “The noodles are firm, yet soft to eat”


Chicken Florentine Lasagna – Costco Tasting Demo
December 15, 2012
• “Fresh tasting”
• “Buy this all the time, love them for dinner”
• “Generous quantities of white chicken breast with delicious sauce”
• “Nice packaging”
• “Kids love it”
• “OMG! this is really good”
• “Catches the eye”
• “This is my favorite”
• “Can’t make it for the price”
• “I am so glad that it’s not vegetarian”
• “This is the only way I can get my spinach”
• “Quick and easy to prepare”
• “Can see the chicken”
• “Loads of sauce”
• “Great in 2 packs”
• “Good base ingredients”
• “Great flavor, easy to prepare”
• “Lots of chicken chunks”
• “This is another quality item by a local Surrey Company”
• “Excellent value for 2 trays”