What Customers Are Saying

Meat Lasagna 2 x 1.13kg – Costco Tasting Demo

Feb 7, 2013

“Tastes very close to my mother’s homemade lasagna”
“Tastes like homemade”
“Lots of sauce”
“Well priced”
“Sauce has nice flavour”
“Very easy to cook”
“Great for parties”
“Nice rich taste”
“Lots of meat in the filling”
“Good tasting … certainly a time saver”
“All natural ingredients”
“Excellent price”
“Lots of Cheese”
“Can’t make lasagna for that price”
“I love it”
“Makes for a great meal, just add a salad and some garlic bread”
“The best lasagna I’ve had in quite some time”
“I love that it’s a Canadian product”