SURREY, BC_June 16_2015: The Zinetti family, Maurizio, Natalie and 13 year old Daniella outside their building where the Zinetti products are made and have been supplied to Costco the past 30 years. (Photo by Kim Stallknecht)

Zinetti Foods - Family Owned and Operated

Founded in 1985, Zinetti Foods is a Canadian manufacturer of frozen gourmet pasta and entree’s, located in Surrey, British Columbia.

The Zinetti brand is available at Costco warehouses across Canada.

 At Zinetti's we believe good ethics is good business. It guides who we are, what we do  and how we do it.

Supporting Our Community

Being a part of a community has always meant more to the Zinetti family than simply a place to live.   The seeds of giving back and helping where help is needed started with parents and grandparents that led by example.

These role models introduced volunteering, kindness, and generosity into the lives of their children where it has continued to grow and become a fundamental part of who they are and the Zinetti business.

We are proud to be a part of our community and to support it whenever we can.

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Zinetti Foods founder, Maurizio Zinetti grew up helping make pasta in his father's pasta plant in British Columbia.   His strong family roots in the Veneto region of Italy drew him back to Italy in his 20's to hone his craft working in the pasta industry there. It was while he was working in Italy that he first came up with the idea of making lasagna with fresh pasta in the Canadian market.

Upon his return to Canada, he set to work developing the first meat lasagna made with fresh pasta, based on Mama Zinetti's family recipe.



The early days were long but not without gain. By day Maurizio would knock on doors and approach retailers to convince them to sell his lasagna while at night he worked on perfecting the recipe.

With next to no experience in marketing, sales, or pricing, but with a strong work ethic and a commitment to quality that still exists today, Zinetti Foods was born.

As word of Zinetti lasagna grew, the tiny company did too.  One day, Maurizio approached a new company on the lower mainland of BC called Costco and as they say, the rest is history.  Today, Costco proudly celebrates an almost 30-year partnership with Zinetti Foods.